Sunday, February 24, 2013

Larger Moving Trucks

You've booked your moving truck and packed your belongings, now it's time to think about moving day. If you're like my husband, then you'll want to plan how the truck should be loaded. I have to admit, I'm not the most patient mover. I tend to want to just get it done; hopefully, my husband will never read this since I'm about to admit that advance planning on how to load the truck is a good idea. But that's between you and me...

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If you want to be really detailed and organized, do a walk-through of your house and note the order in which items are loaded. Make a list and group similar sized boxes together. This will make moving day go a lot smoother and faster.

With the wide variety of sizes of moving or cargo truck available, it’s important to consider if you’ll be able to safely drive the vehicle you rent. Before signing a rental agreement, sit in the drivers’ seat to make sure you’re comfortable with the size of the vehicle.

Many but not all moving truck rentals feature automatic transmissions, but it’s always a good idea to check and be sure before renting. If you’ve rented a larger moving truck, take the time to practice and get comfortable maneuvering it in an empty parking lot or a secluded area before packing your belongings.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Medium Moving Truck

Most rental agencies provide a size-guide that helps determine truck size based on the number of rooms being moved. Although general, it will help give you an idea on what size is best for you. If you are still unsure, ask the rental agency for suggestions, they should be more than willing to help. Tip: it is always better to err on the side of caution and rent a larger truck then potentially run out of space with a smaller one.

Packing is the king when it comes to shifting. It's very essential to pack all your valuable articles properly so as to save them from getting damaged. A wobbly packing could make your shift quite cumbersome and difficult. You can ask for various boxes and cartons used for packing from your rental services. These companies offer a comprehensive collection of all moving box kits, small, medium, large boxes and supplies stuff like adhesive Tape, Mattress Covers, Packing Paper, Furniture Covers, Kitchen Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes etc that helps in making your packing and transferring a smooth process.
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So, if you have been thinking of moving unaided, its time for you to hire a good moving truck rental services and follow the above mention simple tips and guidelines and make your move both exciting and worthwhile.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Smallest Moving Trucks

For your upcoming move you have decided to rent a moving truck but have no clue what truck size you should get - Sound like you? If you search the web you will find many references and opinions, some extremely generic (14' will move 1-2 bedrooms) and others offering a more advanced opinion (12 ft. truck = 450 cu. ft.). The problem, we believe at least, lies in the interpretation of information provided - 1-2 bedrooms may mean something completely different in Arizona than in New York City.

The simplest way to choose your rental truck size is to eliminate possibilities that do not exist in your situation. For example, if you have chosen to utilize a particular rental company you will only have three available size options: 10', 16' and 24'. In case you're wondering, 94% of people relocating with a rental truck choose their company based on price or geographical limitations. With that in mind we can assume that most people will have between 3 and 5 truck size options to choose from depending on which company is being used.

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Small rental trucks should be used primarily for local moves. Only consider renting a 10'-12' truck if you have a studio or small one bedroom apartment with minimal furniture.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Small Moves and Moving Vans

Choosing a truck rental for your move can help you save money on your relocation. This do-it-yourself option puts you in the driver’s seat allowing you to box and load your own packages without having to spend a lot of money on a professional mover. You can save even more with various websites by finding multiple moving truck rental companies in your area and across the country. Simply enter your zip code and with a click, you’ll be on your way to handling your relocation on your own terms. Companies offering rental trucks have a number of options so you might want to compare a few quotes before deciding on a particular company. Options to consider include unlimited mileage for those extra destinations or longer drives and one-way pricing.

It’s important to know that rental trucks for moving vary in size. Some trucks are ideal for apartment moves with just a few items. Other trucks are perfect for packing up your entire three bedroom house. With that said, regardless of the size of your move, our truck rental companies have the size to help you move within your area or cross country. Take a moment to discover how to rent a truck for your move, and how being in total control could put you at ease.

If you have ever had to make a choice among moving companies for a local or long distance move, you know the decision is not always easy. Whether you have had to hire a moving company in the past or this will be your first time, we hope to make the decision a little easier for you. You should be aware of some important warnings to look for, as well as basic steps that will help you choose wisely among moving companies. Rogue movers and other moving scams pose a real threat, and unfortunately the internet has made it easier for such scams to thrive. This underscores why it is so important to not only evaluate pricing, but also the reputation and experience of moving companies when making your decision.

Most truck rental companies’ stock trucks that a renter can drive with a general driver’s license, but don’t assume that’s the case with your rental. Confirm that a special license isn’t required before you make the reservation. Also know whether you’ll be renting a manual or automatic transmission truck. Even if you don’t need a special license, consider whether or not you are able to handle a truck comfortably. Driving a truck like this requires some special driving tactics and techniques. If you are a nervous driver in general, think of how you’ll feel with a truck on narrow city streets during bad weather or rush-hour traffic Moving is often a difficult process, no matter how well you prepare. If you’re moving yourself, choosing the right moving truck can mean the difference between a smooth move and one that you’ll talking about for years to come!