Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finding the right moving truck for you

Moving companies that charge more than their peers can do so for a variety of reasons: a higher level of service, a greater reputation, or a higher demand for their services. On the flip side, companies charging substantially less than the competition are probably pricing their services at this level for a reason – and you might even find yourself the victim of a moving fraud for those rogue movers that give lowball estimates, only to raise the final price later (this article will show you how to find a moving company you can trust).
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Before wading into the moving company selection, first understand how moving companies charge for their services. Pricing depends on whether you are moving within your current state (intrastate) or you're heading across state lines (interstate).

This is a commonly used form of moving. Not only is it very reasonably priced, but you also get to keep your belongings with you at all times. If you like to have control over everything that occurs during your move, I recommend a rental truck. This is what we did with our first move. We rented a Penske truck, which gave us the biggest truck for the cheapest quote. The drawback to this type of moving is that you must load the truck yourself. You will need friends and family who are willing to help you load. This can be difficult if you are moving some place where you don't know anyone.
We were lucky in that many of our friends and family helped load our truck, but also drove 950 miles and helped us get settled in our new home. Another negative to this type of moving truck is that your items may not all fit into the truck. We rented the biggest truck, it was said to be able to fit a three to four bedroom home. It didn't. We had to leave many things behind, including: a queen size guest bed, a sofa and love seat from our basement, and our children's swing set. You are also responsible for all of the gas and for returning your truck before the time allotted is up.


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